As Lake Lanier Rises ..The real questions is where is all the water going

Over the last 10 days Lake Lanier has risen almost 3 feet (1,062.05 FEET)
We had about 7.5 inches of rain. In my opinion the lake should have come up another 2 feet with that kind of rain. I read this article the other day that my help explain what is going on . Here it is..Lake Lanier Association comments for Water Control Manual update.

The article goes in detail of the flow of water coming into the lake. This is a small piece from the article:

The Corps currently mandates that a minimum flow of 5,000 cfs be maintained at the Chattahoochee Gage (by design, the lone exception for lowering the minimum to 4,500 cfs occurs only under conditions that are unlikely to occur). However, a 5,000 cfs minimum flow is not legally required and is unsustainable in the long run without substantial harm to recreation.)

Please read this article.. People need to know why the lake is struggling so much to reach full pool.

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Water is disappearing -Here we go again

Well, here we go again on the Lake Lanier water problems. Now it seems The Corp of Engineers wants to drain the lake again. Just This last month The Corp of Engineers drop the lake 4.5 feet in a month.The largest ever drop in one month…That should be a clue that something is wrong!!!!!The Lake currently is down 13.40 ft. and The Corp of Engineers says the say lake be going another 3 ft in next month before they are thinking the lake will start rising again .There reasons are that they need more water down stream because they have depleted Lake Westpoint all they can. What the corp seems to forget that the watershed where Lake Lanier is located is one of the smallest in the area . click here for more url lake lanier water Level. It takes lake Lanier a lot longer to fill up compared to these other lakes. If The Corp is wrong on normal rain fall to fill up the lake then they put all the people who depend on the lake for their livelyhood at risk. I watch them last year so the same thing and lake did not recover. We started the summer 7 ft down..

We probably would have only been about 2 feet down. They keep robbing Lake Lanier’s water for everybody down stream at what cost is enough is enough. It just seem that the Corp of Engineers Lake Lanier  forecast has done more wrong than right when it come water situation at lake Lanier when it come to water levels. It just seems the Corp of Engineers has promised to much water to downstream..I do not know if this so but it seems the lake has had a lot of trouble staying up since the mid 1980’s..What ever was promised from the Corp of Engineers during that time has caused a lot revenue to the state. When the lake is down the revenue is a lot lower. If we are in drought then reduce the flow .


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Do not wait until you have drain the lake so much. Be proacted on this… I truly believe the the mussels’s down stream will survive… what did they do hundreds of years ago before the dams were built. Hmmmm…The economy on the lake takes a tremendous toll when the lake is low..from marinas…In this article the Corp is saying they are going to be releasing more water and in this article they say they have been in a drought mode sine May…. So which is it… I believe we know.. It is still puzzling that the Corp of Engineers is still operating the lake on it 1950 manuals…. “COME ON Man”…we are in the year 2012


What are the real reasons behind the water levels

Many are wonder what is really going on here. Is it politics as usually . Is Metro atlanta just being water hogs?? Or this global warming and we are going to be droughts all the time and we better get used to the lake being low. The adverse effects of Lake Lanier water low level has tremendous economic consequences . The lake has over 7 million visitors a years. When the lake ls low there estimate of 1 million visitors less. Which cost the surrounding counties lots of tax revenue not being collected which in turns hurts the local residents who depend on the Lanier water levels for their income. When the Lake Lanier water levels are low it kinda looks like the Plantet Mars with all red clay banks showing. It Just looks terrible..

Then you start seeing all these low point on the lake It is pretty scaring out there. You might run your expensive boat a ground..somebody might get hurt or even killed.There is no good about the lake being down. How about all those people who bought lake houses that can even use them. . Personally I thinks its Politics. I remember when the 1996 Olympics were coming to Lake Lanier. 3 years prior to 1996 the lake stayed full. About month after the Olympics the lake was 3 to 4 feet down from full pool. It is like they pull the plug. I also remember when it rain 3 inches of rain the lake would fill up a foot or more. Something is going on here now. The other day it rain 3 inches and lake only came up 6 inches… come on…

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Water Wars on Lake Lanier

So who’s water is it. By all accounts it belongs to the all three states and not the state where the water starts. Hmmm. Federal mandate says when a river flows between two or more states then everybody has a share. But, it seems that every states wants more of their share of it. Buford dam was built for to provide flood control to Metro Atlanta, navigation, hydroelectricity and drinking water to Atlanta. Alabama and Florida have been filling lawsuit after lawsuit to stop Atlanta from taking more water out of the rivers.


So here we are now 22 years later and still no resolution .Georgia now is trying to build other reservoirs but the other two states are trying to stop them. I guess we are going to have to the supreme court settle this once and for all. Stay tuned.. On the Lake Lanier water level information.

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Low water conditions at Lake Lanier Why ?

Factors affecting  water levels at Lake Lanier  will go up and down based on several issues including cycles of drought as well as heavy precipitation, wave power generation, , as well as downstream sea food and also wildlife administration. Water provide can also be reported just like a factor which is presently from problem concerning the lake’s supreme report on legitimate causes. Because the 90’s, the Corps of Engineers, Georgia, Georgia, and Alabama have been fighting for utilisation from the water kept in Lake Lanier. Federal legislation necessitates that where a river flows between several states, each condition features a to the exact same share from the the water. In addition, additional regulations such as the Endangered Species Act call for which water end up being accessible for threatened or endangered species residing around or even in Chattahoochee Waterway and also Apalachicola Bay. Water Administration Area of the U.S. Corps of Engineers complies with every Wednesday with representatives in the various areas to switch details concerning the whole procedure for the actual stream systems as well as ponds. Water administration selections for that nearing week are usually decided while using information acquired in the each week meeting as well as a record is prepared which summarizes situations within each one of the many river basins. Procedure in the ponds will also be directed through utilization of action areas. The experience zones provide recommendations on meeting the actual project reasons for each and every lake. lake Lanier water level, a developed reservoir inside the northern a part of Georgia, had been created through the completing Buford Dam all around the Chattahoochee River within 1956. It is furthermore given through the waters in the Chestatee River, the river inside the Appalachian Foothills associated with northern Georgia which starts within the confluence associated within Lumpkin County. The river is made up of 38,000 acres water, and 690 miles of shoreline with regular place, a “full summer time pool” associated with just one,1071 ft above, filling up the area into several little arms and fingers associated with the lake

A primary reason is really a suggested reservoir in Hall County, and also the U.S. Military Corps of Engineers has become thinking about going to the public and asking for their opinion. The corps has launched public comments concerning the project. Plus they emphasize the need over the requirement for water in north of Gainesville plus a reservoir’s possible impact downstream. Hall County along with coordinators in north Georgia the Glades dam just above Lanier is essential to supply water for the developing residents. Leaders of Hall county planning department delivered instructions associated with assistance through the corps’ open public review time period around the reservoir project. She mentioned preserving drinking water and depending exclusively on Lake Lanier will not do it alone. The residents will need more water. Hall County will be forecasted to need around 10 million more gallons of drinking water daily around the year 2040 At the same time, downstream towns like in Florida will be suffer if even more water is taken away in the rivers systems. The machine has already been taxed enough and low discharge will be harming the oyster business. We are letting everybody know what is going on up stream , allowing them to know, ‘Look, don’t still minimize water flow to the Apalachicola Bay. Or else, you’ll ruin an all natural created product that is not copied anywhere else within the united states, . The freshwater river maintains the bay from getting way too salty and also carries nutrition the oysters have to develop.They need the fresh water to maintain their oyster population. The Corp at the end of summer will be releasing its study on the project. Only time will tell to see what impact it will have.

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